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Well, well, so someone droped in here :) I'm XnmE. I live in Warsaw, Poland. I have been into creating music since 1998. I started with FastTracker 2 and in the year 2000 I started my adventure with MadTracker. I still use it till today. It's a great tool for me to play with the music and it's my main tool together with samples, VST instruments, effects and MIDI keyboard. I use some additional software mainly for vocal recordings and postproduction. I'm not profesional and what i do, i do for fun. The opinion about my work belongs to You. At first i created mainly metal built on multisampled guitars, but progressively i started to leave that kind of stuff to write more realistic sounding songs. On this page You can find very varied music.
I'm a Dimlight Alley Crew  and MetalRiot groups member.

 A few boring facts:

1998 (December) - first listenable FastTracker song - "For You"
2000 (July) - "Sleepless" - first released MadTracker song
2001 (February) - first metalscene release - "Soldiers Of Hell"
2001 - "Souls Thief" is released on Tracked Aggression 7 disk: Blood Against Fire
2001 (August) - "Dont Tell Me" gets 2nd place out of 5 in Audio-n-Track multichannel compo #1
2001 (December) - "Dont Tell Me" gets 53rd place out of 87 in First MadTracker Compo
2002 (July) - "Poison" wins Track Compo #1 against 6 other competitors
2003 First DAC musicdisk -"Welcome To The Dimlight Alley" with my Intro, Outro and "Astray"
2002 (October) - JP cover - "Breaking The Law" on Metal Madness disk: 1980-1989 (Tribute to 80's Metal)
2004 (July) - "Zima" gets 27th place out of 95 in Third MadTracker Compo
2006 (January) - "
Xmas 2012" - 8th place out of 10 in CTG Christmas Compo 2005. Eh, no chances with this provocative, death metal song :)
2006 (February) - "Squirrel" takes 3rd place out of 6 in modules.pl 4ch Compo
2006 (May) - "
New Age Beats release#02. M-ether II" is out. Disk contains two my songs: "Watching The Clouds" and "Sorceress".
2006 (May) - MadTracker Compo 2005 results. This is a fourth big compo at madtracker.org. 59 songs this year. My "Sorceress" takes 14th place!
2006 - DAC released next musicdisk: 
"Evening" with my song: "Snow Covered"